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Tips: How to do arm massages

How to do arm massages

Depending on the work we do, we can present certain discomfort and heaviness in the arms, so in this video we will show you some useful tips to massage this area and release these tensions.

Spending many hours behind a desk is the best way to make your whole body ache, but one of the parts that suffer the most is usually your hands and forearms. To alleviate the tension on the forearm, stretch it with the palm up and surround it with your hand at the elbow: now, rotate the outstretched arm until the palm is facing down with a slight pressure with the other hand and slide it towards down towards the wrist.

If your main problem is the hands, stretch one of them with the palm up and with the other stretch your fingers down, as if you wanted them to touch the back of the hand. Another very good exercise is to press the palms of your hands at chest level and go down towards the abdomen: you will feel how the tension accumulates in the wrist. Hold on for a few seconds and release slowly, it will relax you instantly!

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