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Inka Massage (Therapeutic Massage)

The Inka Massage, is thus called a special combination of different techniques of Andean Massage and Oriental massage, using the hand as the main tool, rubbing and / or pressing firmly that area that presents a recurring pain, in order to relieve or cure the aforementioned discomfort. For that, hot stones, oils and creams of medicinal plants of our environment such as eucalyptus, coca, cat’s claw and others that deflate, detoxify, recharge and relax muscle contractures performed with strong but vitalizing pressures are used.

The Andean massage is an ancient medicine perfected in the time of the Incas, whose knowledge and practice has survived the passage of time thanks to oral and art transmission, the healing techniques of the ancient Peruvians, which go in Harmony with its natural environment.

Among its benefits we find:

  • Muscle relaxation: Not being accustomed to the height and physical effort of the tours in Machu Picchu, you could feel some muscular tension, so we recommend having a massage session to relax the muscles when returning to the hotel facilities. Complemented the experience of your stay.
  • Harmonize the body, mind and spirit: The combination of massages with Inca stones, essences, oils, balms of medicinal and aromatic Andean plants comfort your spirit, mind, body and eliminate the negative energies you may have before the massage.
  • Balancing the nervous system: Regulate the nerves you may have through the imposing landscape in Machu Picchu and experience an exciting stay in one of the seven wonders of the modern world.
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