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Swedish Massage

The Swedish Massage has the purpose of eliminating tensions and reaffirming the muscles and joints, returning to the body its energy and natural balance; For this, the masseuse applies five famous techniques: sliding, kneading, vibration, percussion and friction, with which he manages to relax the body and mind of the patient, slow and smooth movements eliminate stress and improve circulation relieving body pain and promoting a toning and revitalizing effect.

Do not confuse Chiromassage with Swedish Massage since Chiromassage is a compendium of several types of massages (Swedish Massage, Turkish Massage, Oriental Massage …) to which a series of novel manipulations were added, however, the Massage Swedish is the basis of all massage.

Among its benefits we find:

The main benefits we get when receiving a Swedish Massage are:

  • Deep relaxation of body and mind.
  • Relief of muscle, joint and sciatic pain.
  • Improvement and acceleration of lymphatic circulation and draining effect.
  • Elimination of toxins.
  • Stimulation and visible improvement of skin appearance.
  • Improvement of muscle and joint tissue.
  • Acceleration of the healing of injuries and diseases.
  • Decrease adipose tissue and tissue recovery.
  • Remarkable reduction in the feeling of tiredness, stress, anxiety and irritability.
  • Positive effect on the patient, who feels relaxed and relieved.
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