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Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage technique is designed to penetrate below the superficial layers of the muscle, making it ideal for treating chronic muscle problems and muscle tightness or tightness. Due to its technique, it is very suitable for deeply releasing all the accumulated muscular tension, especially in people who generate muscular load due to stress situations over time. It is also very useful in athletes who accumulate certain degrees of muscle tension as a result of their training work.

Among its benefits we find:

  • Increase the temperature of the skin and tissues under it, in order to increase the influx of blood in the area we massage and improve the nutritional state of the skin and muscles.
  • Clean the skin, removing dead cells.
  • Increase tone, elasticity and muscle contraction capacity.
  • Relax both physically and psychically.
  • Give a greater capacity for recovery and performance to the muscle.
  • Improve resistance to work and ward off the feeling of tiredness.
  • It can have a sedative or stimulating action (depending on the way of application).
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