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Hair removal is a process that is carried out to remove hair that covers the skin. Typically, it is developed over certain body regions that, for aesthetic, social or hygienic reasons, are intended to remain hairless.

Among its benefits we find:

  • Exfoliation.
  • When removing the dry wax from the skin, you take with it the dead cells that adhere. A perfect scrub.
  • The hair takes time to grow.
  • As it is plucked from the follicle, the hair takes longer to grow than when we shave it.
  • It becomes thinner.
  • As the entire follicle is plucked, the one that is born is getting thinner.
  • More definition
  • Some areas are easier to define with wax, such as the bikini, mustache or eyebrow area.
  • Less irritation,
  • If the wax is applied correctly the irritation should not last more than two minutes.
  • It is more pleasant to the touch.
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