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What is Shiatsu and what is it for?

What is Shiatsu and what is it for?

When our head hurts, we tend to put our hands to our temples or forehead and make small circular pressure; When we have a discomfort in the lumbar, instinctively, we rest the palms of the hands on the lower back and massage it lightly. These are just some examples of natural movements that people make in the face of an ailment to calm it and, at the same time, it is the origin of Shiatsu, a natural practice that is performed in the Temple of Massage to relieve different pain.

Shiatsu is a Chinese-Japanese oriental technique that seeks balance of energy. It consists of working the whole body in an integral way, by stretching, pressing at certain points, etc. In this way, the internal energy channels are restored globally, since the place where a nuisance radiates does not always coincide with the origin of the problem. Many times a pathology is due to the somatization of emotions and, other times, to deep internal contractions that shorten the muscles.

There are several modalities of Shiatsu, although all use the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine to restore energy. On the one hand, there is the Japanese Shiatsu, which is based on exerting more or less strong pressure with the thumb on a certain line of pre-established points. On the other, there is the Shiatsu Zen that is more dynamic than the previous one. Introduce more maneuvers, mobilizations and stretches, as well as pressure with the entire hand, palm, forearm or knee of the professional in the patient.

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