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How is a hot stone massage performed?

How is a hot stone massage performed?

We know that, first of all, that they talk to you about placing stones with a high temperature in your body, it does not seem very relaxing. However, it would be a mistake to think about this. Without a doubt, it is a perfect anti-stress remedy to relax your muscles and disconnect completely.

It is a relaxing therapy of oriental origin that works on the body and mind.

To do this, our experts use smooth stones of volcanic origin. These glide over the skin through a relaxing massage. Once this is done, they are placed by exerting light pressure on some points to achieve total harmony. Perfect for men and women with joint pain, stress or with impure skin.

However, this treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, people with wounds or skin conditions and those who suffer from the heart.

Take advantage of all its benefits with our hot stone massage at Vitality Day Cusco! Give yourself a moment.

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