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5 main benefits of massages for body and mind


We would all like a good massage. And more if it is so beneficial to our health.

People who go to a spa usually resort to massages to promote relaxation, reduce stress, or remove contractures. However, there are other kinds of advantages. At Vitality Day Cusco we have made a compilation of them:

  1. It facilitates sleep. Do you suffer from insomnia? Immersing yourself in a state of relaxation favors the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. The You’ll fall for it!
  2. Helps to improve blood flow. In this way, it acts as a detoxifier for the body and makes the skin look more radiant.
  3. Combats headaches. Day-to-day stress forces us to keep neck and back muscles stiff. But that’s over. Say goodbye to ailments!
  4. Reduces inflammation and promotes wound healing.
  5. Removes accumulated fat. Reductive or firming massages open pores and improve the lymphatic system. Reduces orange peel!

Massage is undoubtedly the most effective and comforting technique for stimulating the body and mind.

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