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Massage therapy


When we talk about therapeutic massage it is unavoidable to highlight that it is massage was without a doubt the first therapeutic technique that the human being applied to himself to placate the pain.

In the past we did not have the full range of portable stretchers, electric stretchers, hydraulic stretchers or fixed stretchers that currently exist and that facilitate both the application of massage and its reception; but our ancestors managed well to perform massages in broths, hot springs, Turkish baths and other public places that were used both for hygiene and for therapeutic treatment.

The massage includes a whole series of the most diverse techniques that have been structured over time to this effective way of treating the patients who need it. In itself, massage is a therapeutic art form since both the way of applying the treatment on the patient and the choice of the most appropriate way of doing so forces us to select from a wide range of possibilities and its particular embodiment, all This well done will directly affect the results of the treatment applied.

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